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Welcome to my natural beauty and wellness blog. My Venus Bio offers you the best organic and natural cosmetics, as well as precious advice! I love writing and communicating with you about Beauty Green. Sharing my values, my discoveries, my favorites … with you the My Venus Bio community is great!


Organic and vegan beauty tips 

On my blog you will find organic and vegan beauty tips that cannot be found anywhere else. Why? I am very curious and passionate about new cosmetics and natural beauty. I do this through scientific research on the subject. I am also the best zero waste, green beauty, DIY, vegan blog … 

I painstakingly select my sources to write my advice on this! But serious information doesn’t mean boring content! Don’t worry, you’re already getting to know me a little bit and know that I love to have fun. You will not fall asleep here, on the contrary, we are going to have a lot of fun.

Do you want to adopt a healthy and natural beauty routine while limiting your environmental impact? Want to know everything about organic and vegan cosmetics so as not to be fooled by marketing lies? Unfortunately, many brands hide behind fake labels to fool consumers looking for wellness. We don’t know who to trust anymore! Toxins in 100% organic and natural beauty products, what a scam … I’m going to teach you to decipher the ingredient lists, the labels of all cosmetics. 

And will be happy to answer your questions! Do not hesitate to give me suggestions for topics, comments and testimonials. With My Venus Bio, we all take action for our beautiful planet and for our health.

Natural wellness tips 

What I like are the little tips about natural wellness! Our brands allow you to adopt a minimalist beauty routine. Some products quickly became essential to me. But you can completely supplement their actions with ingredients that you can find at home.  Honey Mask, Makeup Remover with Olive Oil, Hair Mask with Coconut Oil, Natural Homemade Soap, Baking Soda Shampoos … in short, the tips are endless and I plan to reveal the best ones to you! 

For DIY (do it yourself) fans, you will be amazed. Ah yes! I was amazed to find that you could make your own makeup. But is it just as effective as conventional cosmetics? Certainly ! And they no longer contain controversial ingredients. 

Did you know that you can create chamomile highlights, eyebrow powder, gelatin nail treatment, cocoa self-tanner and even a natural foundation. It’s crazy, but so great!  I will teach you all the tips for applying make-up and a natural look.