Our ebooks

Welcome to my page dedicated to ebooks. I really like this concept. I really love it! It’s even part of my morning routine, to tell you everything. 


My Venus Bio Ebook 

I am going to share months, even years of serious discoveries with you. With a personal touch and a little humor! Unsurprisingly, I am a big consumer of this fluid, useful and enjoyable format.  I am very proud to present SHIELD, my very first ebook on premature aging. But where did this idea come from?

The journey… I met women who didn’t seem to get older, women who were 50 years old, but who looked at most 30 years old. What is their secret? An elixir of youth? Genetically? No. Nothing special, but I thought about it further.  At home I went through the scientific research on this subject. I decided to write a highly documented ebook, completely in my own style!

Why SHIELD? It means protection in English! And each letter represents … the 6 fundamental points to preserve your youthful capital. I’ll give you a hint.  S stands for sleep. Good sleep is essential. 8 hours of sleep and that’s it! Think about it, we are all different but the number of hours we sleep doesn’t matter. Sleep is super important. 

In my Ebook (80 pages) you will find advice adapted to everyone. Super comprehensive quizzes for all parties help you build your profile. It is very useful to position yourself.  I’ll give you totally new information collected in funny little bubbles! I’ll let you guess the meaning of the other 5 letters, H for handle … so you guessed it? 

Take care of yourself, of course

Using organic and natural My Venus organic cosmetics is great if you want to take care of yourself in a natural way.  But beauty products are not enough. It would be too simple, wouldn’t it? Taking care of yourself naturally is the real way of life! With SHIELD you finally learn all the keys to shine both inside and out. 

Adopt a healthy routine 

Adopting a healthy routine is not that easy. However, for radiant skin, beautiful hair and above all to feel good, it is essential!  With SHIELD you have all the information to change your lifestyle permanently. Eating, interacting with others… yes, yes, you heard that right!

To combat premature aging, being social is just as important as sleeping.  Oh yes, I also give you my personal routine inspired by my travels.