Natural cares

The cosmetics market continues to grow. More and more women are falling for revolutionary treatments that cause significant damage to the planet. Fortunately, we have entered a new era! The one where protecting the environment is starting to become a priority. Consumers who are concerned about their health and their environment want to reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible and therefore opt for natural and organic care. And it is great. My Venus Bio helps you make the best choices for you and the planet. 


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Choose natural care for greener hygiene

Would you like to adopt a more ecological hygiene? Choose natural care. All the products we use every day to wash, care for our face and hair have a direct impact on the environment. The designers of classic cosmetics don’t laugh about profitability! Unfortunately for us and the planet, they don’t hesitate to introduce toxic ingredients: surfactants, dyes, plastic microbeads, nanoparticles, parabens, phthalates, silicones, etc. In short, as we delve into the topic, it quickly becomes frightening. Without forgetting the packaging that itself cannot be recycled or recycled. Many of them are gradually humbling our beautiful Earth. 

Natural treatments meet very specific criteria: respect for the environment (rejection of the environment), respect for the health of the user and respect for animal life (not tested on animals, cruelty-free and / or vegan / without component of animal origin are cosmetic treatments that meet the ecological criteria, is not easy, but fortunately all My Venus Organic brands environmentally friendly! And not for nothing, they all bear the Slow Cosmetics label, the very demanding French label. 

So what green beauty routine needs you apply? Good news, it is not complicated. For starters, you can opt for zero waste accessories: washable cotton pads, natural oil to remove make-up, Konjac sponge, wooden cotton buds, bamboo toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoos, solid conditioners and deodorants, eco refills etc. There are so many eco-friendly products you can use to save Mother Nature. Then choose My Venus Bio eco-friendly cosmetics! 

A whole range of natural treatments 

Labeled Slow Cosmetic, our range does not cause pollution or toxicity. Our ingredients are natural, organic and minimally processed. Our brands are of course local producers who stand for short cycles.

Melchior & Balthazar offers you natural solid soaps with oriental scents to nourish, strengthen, exfoliate and relax your skin. They also provide you with exceptionally 100% natural argan oil, which moisturizes both your body and your hair. 

The Bôm brand is an extra ecological range! You will find lip balms, aftersun balms, massage oil, natural facial treatments… that smell like plants. 

Are you looking for a natural body treatment? What if you discover the brand ‘So it grows’? When you test his products, you really want to keep using them, they are brilliant!

Do you need natural men’s care? Do you know Manoak? The cosmetics that are 100% suitable for men, these products are excellent. And it’s not over yet, you have the choice! All our brands are equivalent and complementary. Stay tuned to discover our new organic cosmetics.