Our new organic cosmetics

At My Venus Bio we regularly offer organic novelties. Did you know that all our brands have the Slow Cosmetics Label? To get this listing, cosmetics must contain at least 50% organic ingredients. No greenwashing possible! A brand that mainly uses non-organic ingredients will not be congratulated with this label.  Our novelties are no exception to the rule. If you’re looking for reliable and authentic organic beauty products made by people who put their heart into them, you’ve come to the right place!


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New body cosmetics

Creams, oils, scrubs, exfoliants, deodorants, hand and foot care, sun products, restorative balms… we have everything for the body!  Discover Baumocoeur, it’s a massage balm with cocoa butter that makes your skin smooth and silky soft. Do you know Savonnerie du Vigneau? They join us in the team. And are the best in solid cosmetics. Choosing this brand means choosing zero waste and 100% natural.  Are you looking for high-quality organic shampoos? Azylis products will delight you!

New facial cosmetics 

We also offer cosmetic novelties for the face. Day creams, night creams, makeup removers, cleansers, masks, eye creams, serum, anti-imperfections, anti-blemishes, aftershave, facial mists … There are so many natural facials you can find on our e-store. 

Discover our brand new “immortal” eye contour from Peau Ethic, suitable for all skin types!  Apply this natural treatment daily, enriched with rose hip, an anti-aging plant. Gently massage the eyes in the morning or evening with this eye contour for a fresh and youthful look.

Sensitive skin, mature skin or skin with imperfections? Wondering if these organic and natural cosmetics are right for you?  Yes ! For more mature skin, we have many treatments that preserve your youthfulness. And for sensitive skin with imperfections you don’t risk anything, quite the contrary. Your skin is radiant, organic and natural, our cosmetics contain no toxic ingredients.