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Energy Body Balm: regeneration and vitality – Alors ça pousse

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Energy: regeneration and vitality body balm benefits both the skin and the whole body. A top quality concentrate and local plants and vegetable oils, which explains its effectiveness. It is primarily an organic and 100% natural cosmetic, with a view to quiet use.


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Product composition

This body balm contains noble bay leaf and peppermint extracts. Ingredients known for their stimulating and firming effect on the whole body. There are also nasturtium, peach or comfrey extracts, which promote energy flow and thus relaxation. This organic balm also relies on the softening and softening powers of the leaf and vine flower on the skin. This is then protected from the risks of premature aging.

Why do we fall for this balm?

We appreciate this Energy Body balm: regeneration and vitality for its melting texture, which guarantees rapid penetration into the epidermis. So the relaxing effect is almost immediate. Likewise, the skin becomes smooth and tight after application. In addition, the design method of these cosmetics is intended to be ecologically sound: all plants used are hand-picked to minimize the ecological footprint.

For which skin type?

Of course, this natural balm is suitable for all skin types. Users are committed to safe use. Note that these cosmetics are increasingly being used as part of a treatment for wrinkles and other signs of aging. The regenerating effect is then the guarantee for an infallible radiant skin.

Our advice for use

This Energy Body balm: regeneration and vitality of the Alors ça pousse skin mask reveals all its usefulness for sports. It actually warms up the muscles in no time. It is better to massage emphatically on certain areas, such as the lower back, the solar plexus or the arch of the foot. The trick is to apply it on slightly damp skin for quick penetration.

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