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This winter balm is the best ally to face the cold of winter. An organic and natural cosmetic which has the virtue to boost immunity, and thus the morale.


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The composition of the product

This balm protects you from winter infections. Indeed, it is made with essential oils known for their immunostimulant, antibacterial and antiviral effects. We are talking about ravintsara, eucalyptus radiata and eucalyptus globulus. This cosmetic also contains vegetable oils enriched with extracts of laurel, savory, thyme and oregano. These plants are said to have cleansing and purifying effects.

Why do we love this balm?

Colds, stuffy noses, coughs… so many ailments to be forgotten from the very first days of using the balm. Its effectiveness is due in part to the perfect combination of St John’s wort and clover. This cosmetic is also effective in countering negative energy, thanks to the combination of wild apple and walnut. Finally, nasturtium is added to the mix to boost morale.

So Ça Pousse has opted for a responsible design method. Alluding to the short circuit concept, the brand has stuck to locally produced vegetable oils. All the plants and flowers used are also hand-picked, in order to minimise the carbon footprint.

For what type of skin?

As a natural and 100% organic balm, this cosmetic is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Our advice for use

To take full advantage of the benefits of this winter balm, use it in the evening, before going to bed. Apply a thin layer to the ENT area (chest, throat, under the nose). You can also put a little under the arch of your foot for even more effectiveness and thus enjoy a good night’s sleep.

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