About My Venus Bio 

Hello 🙂 Welcome to my site! My name is Valdie Sloane and I am the founder of My Venus bio. I would like to tell you everything from A to Z. 


Where does My Venus Bio come from? 

The creation of My Venus Bio stems from my encounters, awareness and desire to offer women natural and high-quality cosmetic products. 

Travel and meetings 

Once upon a time… I am Valdie a globetrotter through and through. Breathtaking landscapes, meeting great people, feeling as free as the sky. If you know what I mean. I LOVE TO TRAVEL… Lounging by the pool of a beautiful hotel. Discovering new cultures meeting the local population is priceless! And I weigh my words. I discovered and learned so much!

And especially about beauty and well-being. Incredibly clean, pure and youthful skin. The secret? Nothing crazy. Natural, organic care and a wonderful philosophy: “The skin is the mirror of our soul”. Make sure the inside shines to the outside. 

Incredible … We all know the beautiful faces of Korean women. Did you know that they all use natural care? And what about their very healthy food!


A great consciousness! 

When I get home, I do a lot of research on cosmetics and premature aging. I am very shocked by my findings. I rush straight to my bathroom and analyze all my beauty treatments! 

It takes me hours. Cold shower. 80% of my products are toxic. For my health and the beautiful planet. Carcinogens, endocrine disruptors … a real nightmare. Everything goes straight to the trash. Without regrets! Strangely, I feel very relieved. Because this is the beginning of the adventure. 

The big favorites …

Lots of disappointments. I had been fooled by the cheaters in the bio. Skin allergies, and no improvement in my skin. The fall of the greenwashing labels… erroneously organic, the self-labels, the ingredient controversies in healthcare are 100% natural. Oh and then you have marketing … it stops at nothing. 

After lengthy research, I learned to decipher the INCI lists (ingredients). 

I have learned to thwart all traps. And now I know which labels to trust. 

With my toxic anti cosmetics radar, I’m going to look for the best natural and organic cosmetics made in France. I am not disappointed because I literally fall in love with so many products.

Why ? 

  • 100% plant-based active ingredients 
  • Cosmetics with very little water (it does not nourish or moisturize) 
  • A very pleasant texture 
  • Impeccable ethics 
  • Unparalleled efficiency 
  • A paradise for scents 

Chamomile, cherry blossom, lavender, mallow, calendula, rose… what a delight ! I melted like snow in the sun, for these scents. There I click. What if I shared my findings? We are all precious, we deserve the best. 

Shortly afterwards I created My Venus Bio. Where I test and can recommend something to you. And this for more than 2 years, to my greatest happiness.

Slow Cosmetics that wish you well! 

My Venus Bio is committed to selecting natural beauty products labeled by Slow Cosmétique, among others. A proof of quality for us and especially for you! 

Slow cosmetic label 

My brands all have the Slow Cosmétique label. The best and most demanding French label. Why? To get the listing, a natural cosmetic must contain at least 50% organic ingredients and 0 controversial ingredients. A brand with offensive and unethical marketing? No chance of being labeled. Yep, that’s not a joke. And this is normal. 

slow cosmetique

Made with love

Love for yourself, for others and for the planet is part of the creation process. Do you think that is crazy? Me too. But I have met and observed the producers. Cosmetics made with love, it is clear to them. 

Imagine … beauty products produced on the assembly line, in a factory as gray as the Parisian sky, with unfortunate workers … The My Venus Bio brands are the exact opposite! 

France, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, loves the flowers on its farm. Truly passionate, she invents high-quality artisanal cosmetics: cultivation, picking, manual transformations …

Gaëlle, in Burgundy, designs sacred formulas that respect the cycles of the moon. Everything takes place with love in the heart of his garden. According to her, it is essential to transfer a high energy capacity to plants. 

It is awesome. And all our brands respect this principle. 

produits de qualité

And why “My Venus bio”? 

I am your Venus, I am your fire, to your liking … Does that ring a bell? Yes, the Gillette razor ad. Rest assured, it has nothing to do with My Venus Bio. But as soon as I hear “Venus” it’s louder than me. The chorus runs through my head … 

Venus: the goddess of beauty and nature

Serious. I love mythology (too much): goddesses, heroes, love stories, betrayals … In short, it’s just as addictive as a series! Venus, goddess of love and beauty, fascinates me. Very strong herself because she is not cold in the eyes and is the goddess of nature.     

Goddess, love, beauty and nature: “My Venus Bio” seemed obvious to me. The perfect combination for a site that offers the best organic and natural cosmetics. I think that sounds good too 🙂