Zéro déchet : 11 astuces simples pour débuter

We are inundated by plastic: packaging, cosmetics, textiles… the impacts on our health and the environment are disastrous. But how do you start zero waste on a daily basis without feeling it? Discover 11 simple tips to apply zero waste (without suffering).

Our 11 tips for getting started in zero waste

Goodbye plastic bags

Despite the ban on plastic bags, you will still find them in some stores. Replace them with pretty reusable bags, shopping carts or baskets, to prevent them from ending up in the oceans and decomposing in the environment.



Adieu les sacs en plastique

We bring our own utensils and towels for the picnic to avoid plastic

Ah picnics… it’s nice isn’t it? But bring your own utensils and towels. Do you buy from traders? Ask them not to wrap them in plastic and / or bring your meal in tupperware, not to mention the gourds!

Buy your food in bulk

It’s super economical because you choose how much you need. And the quality will be much better.

These plastic objects are replaced by stainless steel or glass.

When you store or heat your food in plastic containers, substances that are toxic to health are released. And some merchants offer a discount when you bring your containers if you take food or drink

Drink tap water Tap

water is very controlled, even more so than that in bottles. You may not like the taste because the water in your area is not very good. Investing a small amount in a filter jug ​​or gourd will save you a fortune on plastic bottles and prevent them from ending up on the ocean floor.

Boire l’eau du robinet

Ban plastic bottles

Glass, corn starch, and stainless steel… There are many ecological alternatives to plastic bottles.

Prefer toys made of wood, latex, natural rubber or fabric

Christmas, birthdays … or just to make them happy, we can spoil our children, but not with plastic toys that are harmful to their health and the environment. You can also buy used ones and resell them or donate them to associations when your children are older.

No more disposable razors

An electric or metal razor is just as effective.

Exit les rasoirs jetables

Drive out plastic from your bathroom

We try to get hygiene and beauty products that are not wrapped in plastic. And we prefer solid soaps instead of shower gel, shaving soap instead of foam, wooden toothbrushes, solid toothpaste… in short, take stock to reduce waste as much as possible. Of course, if you can choose 100% organic and natural, it’s better for your health.

Adopt reusable organic cotton

Removing make-up is essential to the beauty routine.

But disposable cottons are a real ecological disaster: they degrade soils and rivers.

We therefore prefer reusable organic cottons available everywhere on the internet or in organic stores. Once it is dirty on both sides you can machine wash it with all your laundry (in a net).

Opting for ecological hygienic protections

Many hygienic protections are composed of genetically modified cotton which has devastating effects on the planet. In addition, its production requires a lot of water and negatively impacts the premises.

Many zero waste alternatives exist: menstrual cup, panties, washable organic cotton sanitary napkins… If you prefer sanitary napkins, choose them in organic cotton. Those that are not organic contain petroleum derivatives (plastic).

Opter pour des protections hygiéniques écologiques

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